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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

What is the normal format of the session?

Most sessions go for 1.5 hours. Usually I start by talking (I do more talking than most reiki masters), then, after we get into the emotion of your situation, the energy work portion starts. You'll be lying down or sitting comfortably and I will be using guided visualizations, energy work and other tools like stones to clear the heavy energies and return the energy field back to balance.

What energy work should I use?

Unless you have a strong preference for one reason or another -- I suggest that you just come, share what's going on and we do the session. I usually get an intuitive feel for what is needed for a particular client, thus the session usually does itself. So we may end up doing Karuna Reiki or maybe a Shamanic Ritual. Whatever it is, it will all happen in divine guidance and my guides will make sure that you will receive the very best healing you are meant to receive and leave feeling as light and beautiful as possible.

What can reiki help me with?

If you feel emotionally stuck or heavy, like you're losing connection to the source, need more guidance or motivation from your inner guides -- or just having a hard time and want to feel lighter -- reiki, Shamanic energy work and all of the other practices that I do can help.

If you feel like you've been through a hard time and life has lost its lustre or its meaning -- reiki can help, and specific shamanic ceremonies like the Illumination Ceremony and Soul Retrieval can help. 

Remember what it felt like when you were young and full of enthusiasm? Often, some of us can lose that through a series of difficult life situations and disappointments.

Reiki and Sekhem-Khrem and Shamanic energy work can help us recover that feeling and recover the feeling of being truly alive.

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