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About Reiki

Reiki is healing energy that comes from the source. We are all born connected to the source. As life happens -- we can accumulate hurts -- emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, etc.

If those are not processed or released, they accumulate in us, causing heaviness, a feeling of discontent, disconnection, and so on.

Reiki can help reconnect, regain balance, fortitude, harmony, sensitivity as well as a strength of mind.

I use three very different styles of reiki, each unique in its approach, feel and outcome.

Usui Reiki

This is the original lineage. Usui is a strong, harmonious form of reiki.

Holy Fire III Reiki

Holy fire to me feels like the brightest, most vibrant form of energy work that is very celestial in its feel. I think of it as a bright, vibrant ray of light that removes impurities from the body, the soul, and the spirit. I love using Holy Fire, both on myself and others. I love this energy and it loves me -- or so it seems!

Karuna Reiki

All three styles of reiki are great and very powerful. I never know which one I will use, it depends on the client and the situation. Karuna Reiki to me feels like an extremely subtle but powerful form of energy work. It is amazing for ancestral and childhood themes, it can be misleadingly powerful in its subtlety


Another style of energy work I'm very passionate about is Sekhem-Khrem. Sekhem-Khrem is said to come from ancient Egypt and is connected with the warrior-healer goddess Sekhmet.

While some derisively call it "Egyptian reiki" -- it is so much more than that. Sekhem-Khrem is one of my most favorite as I've always felt especially connected with the warrior-healer feminine.

I find Sekhem-Khrem great for shadow work and dealing with especially heavy energies. Sekhmet both fights for those who need her and heals them at the same time. I'm extremely loyal to Sekhmet and everything she represents -- the dark feminine, the warrior feminine -- and I've been rewarded with the ability and a blessing to use this extremely powerful energy to bring healing to others.

Sekhem energy has a solid, pure, overwhelmingly powerful charge that is very different from reiki. I absolutely love using Sekhem-Khrem and bow to the Great Goddess.

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About Shamanic Healing

I've always held a very special passion for the Earth religions. My great luck in being able to study Peruvian shamanism culminated my own ability to connect with the spirits of the Earth and bring the healing they bring to others.

As we have developed industrially, we have lost the connection with the Earth, the Sky, the Mountain, the Lakes and so many other things that surround us. As a result, in the Western society we in many instances have become more restless, unhappy and disconnected.

Mired in the idea that the Earth is an inanimate object with no soul -- we experience more and more of a disconnection that can often result in unhappiness, restlessness and an empty pursuit of more whether it's money, status, sex, drugs or whatever else.

Shamanism reconnects us with the Earth, helps us remember that the Earth is not an inanimate object, she is alive and so is everything else around us.

In shamanism, the Earth is the biggest diety. The Earth gives us life and everything around us. When we don't have the Earth -- we have nothing.

Shamanism is built around reverence and respect for nature -- Mother Earth (mamu pacha), mother moon (mama killa), wirrakocha, Inti. The secret animals of the snake, the black panther, the hummingbird and the wonder guide the shaman on his path of healing.

Shamanism is built on the belief that all inner problems are caused on an excess of heavy energy. Through energy work and ritual heavy energies can be released and a state of paradise and harmony as well as connection with nature can be regained.

We belong to the Earth! We ARE the Earth.

Valuing life above all is one of the central values of shamanism and certainly one of mine as well as loyalty to Mother Earth, the greatest healer and the greatest giver.

If I'm able to help anyone in any way -- it is only of my sincere loyalty to her.

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My Education


Usui Reiki Master

Holy Fire III Master

Karuna Reiki Master

Sekhem-Khrem Level 1 Practitioner

Initated into Peruvian Shamanism

Trained Mindfulness Coach

Claudia Borges

Jaclyn Kalkhurst

Jaclyn Kalkhurst

Jaclyn Kalkhurst

Jesus Peruvian Shaman


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