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Reiki in Santa Fe by Roman

Reiki, Sekhem - Khrem, and Shamanic Energy Work in Santa Fe, NM.

If you're looking for a reiki healer in Santa Fe, New Mexico, you are in the right place! Reiki Santa Fe by Roman specializes in Reiki, Sekhem - Khrem, Shamanic Healing, and Energy work.

My name is Roman and energy work, spiritual healing, and

shamanic ritual are my passion. I have a very special connection with the feminine, especially the dark feminine and lifetime of healer tendencies - so, here I come!

After having exhausted traditional methods on my own healing journey, I have found reiki, Sekhem-Khrem, Shamanic energy work and was amazed with 

results. This led me to an exciting journey into various

styles of energy work. After lots of work as a client, I have felt a calling to learn it myself and help others heal.

There's no better reward than seeing someone leave with a smile on their face the way I myself have done so many times!

It is an honor, a joy, and a blessing to be able to share my connection with the source, Mother Earth, Father Sky, the stars, and so many other of my guides to bring healing to you.

I love doing in person reiki sessions in Santa Fe, NM, and also work online.


I offer reiki in Santa Fe, NM in the following styles:

-- Usui Reiki Healing (1.5 hours)

-- Holy Fire III Reiki Healing (1.5 hours)

-- Karuna Reiki Healing (1.5 hours)

In addition, I offer beautiful healings in an 

ancient Egyptian energy work system known as

Sekhem-Khrem, associated with Sekhmet, the

Egyptian warrior-healer Goddess.

Want to feel the power of the Goddess? 

Sekhem-Khrem is for you.

-- Sekhem-Khrem Healing (1.5 hours)

Furthermore, Shamanic Energy Work Sessions 

are also available:

-- Shamanic Healing Session (1.5 hours)

-- Illumination Ceremony

-- Bands of Power Ceremony

-- Soul Retrieval Ceremony

-- Destiny Retrieval Ceremony

-- 7 Nustas Ceremony

-- Chumpis Healing Ceremony

-- Other Customizable Ceremonies

Reiki Santa Fe by Roman
Reiki Santa Fe by Roman

Our Services

"Your biggest fear is your greatest treasure."


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